Class Info

THE GOOD NEWS. Most restrictions ended 19th July & getting back to normality is what we all need.  However, numbers attending classes will still be monitored & we will be acting with caution. All lessons need to be pre-booked & paid for. Preferred payment is by bank transfer (given in email).   This area will be constantly updated so please keep checking..   FOR THE TIME BEING IGNORE INFO BELOW RE CLASS LEVELS, THIS WILL NOT APPLY AT PRESENT.  ALL AVAILABLE CLASSES WILL BE OPEN TO ALL LEVELS OF ABILITY, numbers permitting.  Start Living, Start Dancing, Get Fit, Keep Well.    

 TUESDAYS 8-9.30PM      Contact by email to book  14th September

 WEDNESDAYS 7.30-8.30PM  & 8.30-9.30PM.  Contact  to book  15th September  

THURSDAYS 7.30-8.30PM  &  8.30-9.30PM.  Contact  to book  16th September   

By booking/paying in advance, discount is given for the duration of 4/5 consecutive weeks in a month but sorry no refunds or carry overs for non attendance. Alternative day/time can be taken in lieu in same month if available. If unsure weekly payment is best option. See below.  If venues are closed because of Government restrictions then rest assured any fees would be held for return date.

Note: No specific programme levels at present although Beginners are encouraged to join Wednesdays or Thursdays for 7.30pm classes 

 NEW BEGINNERS BALLROOM & LATIN on a WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY. This class is ideal for Beginners with no dance experience or those who have a little experience & wish to attend a weekly on going hobby class to become more confident with the basic skills of all the different rhythms of ballroom dancing. Learning ballroom dancing is a skill that will take time to master as there are 8 different rhythms that will be introduced over a 4 week repetitive cycle throughout the year from whenever you commence. Beginners plus is for those who have already taken lessons & ready to take steps to the next level. AKA Improver Level.  


 ALL LEVELS BALLROOM & LATIN on a TUESDAY. This is an extended group session of 90 minutes.   Normally a group class for those who have had some lessons in the basics & wish to learn additional figures with a little more technique to become more confident & have more practice time. This group session is also suitable for beginners who cannot attend on Wednesdays/Thursdays & would like to attend weekly to progress. But if you cannot make any of the other classes you are welcome to join this one regardless of standard & go at your own pace.


ALL LEVELS BALLROOM & LATIN on a THURSDAY at 8.30pm  Normally a regular group class for the more experienced hobby dancer. But if you cannot make any of the other classes & only available for 8.30 class then you are welcome to join this group & go at your own pace.  Please don't try & keep up with others, whichever class you attend. 

Not sure which is the best class for you personally?, then please contact on 020 8751 2177  Singles & Couples are always welcome in all our classes.

Class fee - 1 hour  -  £12 pp per class  (pro rata for extended sessions) - all students required to book/pay in advance. Discounted to £10pp or £15pp extended class for monthly paid bookings